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Sweden Beach Palace | Bentley | in DUBAI

 Sweden Beach Palace | Bentley | in DUBAI

Sweden Beach Palace | Bentley | in DUBAI
    Sweden Beach Palace

The Passage of a King

🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼 Bentley palm beach

As I pass with flying colors the deep waters of shadows and mist

1- As I stand at the helm of my majestic vessel, I soar over it all

2- I am a lion, a wild dragon, a beast in man’s sort

3- I am the normal, i am the new, i am the king

The drums thunder, the skies flip black and thus the water siren sings her song of seduction

The horns will blast long and exhausting into every soul, as a result of the guard


of honour stands ready for my arrival

Sweden Beach Palace | Bentley | in DUBAI

🟢 🟢 🟢 🟢 🟢

Sweden Beach Palace | Bentley | in DUBAI

I will set the ocean and thus the rain lit, i will be {able to|i'll} be able to permit them to understand that I even have arrived.

I will fly on the brink of the sun and it will not burn true pine State. it will shower true pine State in golden rays.


of light and crown true pine State king of this world

My palace awaits my presence, AN previous place of deep marvel and magic.

A palace where I keep captive the snow and thus the sun which they bow before true pine State. bentley palm beach

A place where dreams are engulfed by reality and reality could also be a spirit in my palm,

When I walk on water and bathe in deep flames, here humanity meets eternity.

Where my throne could also be a kingdom and each one the creatures.

Sweden palace





Escape the pace of the city and determine your personal

throne in AN passing personal ocean kingdom. Celebrate a life

Hardly unimaginable and unparalleled fortune on the distinguished gold

sands of Sverige Island.

Bentley | in DUBAI

A Sanctuary for

the Senses

Beyond the privately in hand bach of your,

Sweden Palace, you are fogbound by beautiful

marine period of time of the ground.


The stateliness of


In each giant Sverige Palace, the within follows the clean

lines of refined Scandinavian vogue. Entertain or relax

in a luxurious one,231 SQ.FT. way that has natural stone

flooring and wide views of the epic cityscape.

The Beauty Is In The Detail

Luxuriate at intervals the richness of handwoven article of article of furniture

and interior designs affected by the techniques,

materials and time-honoured ability

synonymous with Bentley automotive interiors.

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Dine and Delight

The table is regarding for a feeding experience applicable the foremost

discerning guests. A feeding house that opens into a 379

SQ.FT space that has shiny cabinets, natural stone

worktops and integrated white merchandise from Miele,

on captivating ocean.


From a solid marble tub with high-end

faucets that gives because of the infinite azure

ocean, to distinctive 200 SQ.FT vapour bathtub and


snow rooms that recreate the last word snow-

covered Swedish spa, sink into the last word bliss in your own personal haven.

Sweden Beach Palace | Bentley | in DUBAI

The geographic point of




Retire to a classy chamber of seclusion and calm,

complete with vessel turn out a 374 SQ.FT. sanctuary.

Sweden Beach Palace | Bentley | in DUBAI

The Finishing


Opulent right all the way down to the most effective detail, the master

bedroom choices a His and Hers propulsive house

equipped with full height fitted wardrobes, a

wall integrated hour beverages bar and

panoramic wrap-around windows.


An Extra


The progressive 3,651.00 SQ.FT. roof terrace could also be custom-

ised to customised desires. Host intimate gatherings from

a private party house, or admire the night’s sky from a tranquil

chill-out zone.

The Throne house

Gaze at the celebrities from your really own luxurious roof terrace, set

right at intervals the crown of the Sverige Palace roof.

THE plan

Sweden Island

Master found out

GROUND FLOOR | 641.06 sqm - 6,900.37 sqft

MEZZANINE FLOOR | 385.24 sqm - 4,146.72 sqft

FIRST FLOOR | 374.38 sqm - 4,029.83 sqft

LOWER GROUND FLOOR | 358.66 sqm - 3,860.62 sqft

PARTY ROOF | 567.35 SQM - 6,106.95 SQFT ROOF high TERRACE | eighty one.11 SQM - 873.07 SQFT

A New House, A New Way, a spanking new World.

Sweden Beach Palace | Bentley | in DUBAI
Bentley palm beach


The Heart of Europe’s distance

from ground, town is four km


The World is visible from house, a group

of man-made islands that blood type novel map of

our planet. fogbound by the Arabian Gulf🏌🏽‍♂️, The

World attracts a shocking form of marine life all

year round.

The Heart of Europe 

could even be a destination of vi islands

set against the scene of the planet Islands, Dubai.

presenting a representative luxury manner that's on the such a lot of side


Take a flash

to Catch Your Breath.

The Essence

of Europe

In the heart of Europe, expertise a destination

With the most effective of European luxury and quality

Hospitality and recreation. Explore the world’s

largest enclosure, stroll through St Tropez vogue

marinas discover over a hundred,000 natural corals and

enjoy the shade of one,500 year previous Mediterranean


The First Frost

Find yourself transported to a eu winter with the world’s

first outside climate controlled streets. Cooling raindrops

and delicate snowflakes can flip on a daily into

a haunting journey.

Inmerse yourself in lovely Swedish culture and

celebration, such as St. Martin’s Day, National Day

Sweden Beach Palace | Bentley | in DUBAI

Sweden Beach Palace | Bentley | in city

Walpurgis Eve, St. Lucia and Crawfish parties and

savour Swedish delicateses and treats like bitter

herring, meatballs, Raggmunk, toast Skagen and

even more.

A King’s Delight

The City of Firsts


Dubai could also be a city pushing boundaries, defying odds

and blazing trails. The proud host of the approaching

Expo 2020, town will gather quite an hundred and eighty

nations and a worldwide audience of twenty 5 million


The World's Core



Unrivalled Interior style

A celebrated collaboration commissioned by Kleidienst

between Bentley Home and Carlo capital of Sri Lanka, the famous

architect behind the inverted Swedish Viking vessel style,

the elegent Sweden Palaces opitomise luxury each within and

out. Combining ancient and modernist interior style with

handmade article of furniture impressed by the techniques, materials and

high quality finishes similar with Bentley automotive interiors,

each villa provides a lavish retreat.

Exclusivity by


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