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The Surprising Salary of a Work-from-Home Health Information Manager

 Work-from-Home Health Information Manager

Surprising Salary of a Work-from-Home Health Information Manager

The Surprising Salary of a Work-from-Home Health Information Manager

What’s your salary? If you’re like most people, you think of your salary in relation to how much your colleagues make. But if you work from home as a health information manager (HIM), the key question isn’t how much do HIMs at your company make; it’s how much do HIMs make working from home? The answers may surprise you—as well as give you some insight into this exciting career option!

Some people make less than $40,000 a year.

Some work from home jobs are low paying because it’s more of a side hustle for people. They have full time jobs and do extra work from home on their off hours. Some health information managers make under $40,000, while others make well over $100,000.

The range depends on what kind of experience you have and how much you want to earn. If you’re already working in your field and want to work part time doing similar things at home,

or want to transition into working at home, then expect to earn less than if you're just starting out as an entry level worker who doesn't have any experience yet.For someone with experience and/or education, the salary is better. Entry level workers may only get paid $20-30k per year which can increase significantly with increased responsibilities and experience.

Health information management salary ranges depending on the employer, but typically entry level workers can expect between $25-$35k a year before bonuses (they will be happy to learn that the average bonus is around 10% of annual pay). More experienced health information managers can see salaries that are up to twice as high!

Best Health Information Management Jobs

  1. With growth in healthcare and hospitals, there has been a demand for specialized health information managers. These managers are hired to design new information systems that are meant to improve care coordination, control costs and ensure efficiency within hospitals. Health information management salaries typically range from $51,000-$75,000 per year but with additional perks such as paid vacations and sick days.
  2. In some cases (usually large facilities), health information managers can even be eligible for bonuses or commission payouts if they reach goals or save money for their hospital employers. With many hours spent outside of regular business hours - answering emails on nights and weekends - most employers will include free healthcare coverage for full time employees including dental plans and prescription drug insurance so long as you work at least 30 hours each week.

Best Metro Areas For An H.I.M. Job

When considering where to work, one should consider not only the best places to live but also cities that have thriving industries that you would like to be a part of. The health information technology field is no different and there are cities across America that you may want to put on your radar as prospective employment locations.

Many HIM professionals dream about working from home and thanks to technology it has become easier than ever for them too. If work from home is an option for you then being aware of how much an HIM salary can impact your income. Even if telecommuting isn’t available you should compare health information technology salaries in metropolitan areas with other similar occupations in order to assess whether or not it is beneficial for you financially at any given time in your career path.

Best Healthcare Systems For HIM Jobs

To become a manager of information systems at some of these top health care organizations, you have to have experience as an HIM professional and hold at least an undergraduate degree. You’ll also need additional skills for your specific field such as coding. How much do HIM professionals make? The average salary in 2014 was $59,510. But people who were already managers made much more. For example, managers of information systems with 25+ years of experience earned an average salary in 2014 of $112,040 while those with 10+ years averaged out to $89,640. It is important to know what your future responsibilities will be when it comes time to negotiate your wage!

As an entry level employee, you might not be the one setting the rates but if you are going into management, then this is something that should be discussed before accepting the position. Remember that healthcare managemet salaries can range drastically depending on where you work and how long you've been doing the job.

Best Hospitals For HIM Jobs

There are several reasons why you should consider working at one hospital rather than another. One reason might be to make more money, since some hospitals pay more. While looking at health information management salary, keep in mind that hospital A might pay less overall, but provide better benefits. So if your choice is between Hospital A and Hospital B and salary isn’t your top priority (especially for entry level HIM jobs), it makes sense to go with Hospital B because it offers better benefits. However, if health information management salary is important to you, then the best option may be Hospital A.

What To Expect From A HIM Career

  • When you’re earning a salary as an HIM, don’t expect to sit in one place all day. As manager of information systems, it is your job to make sure all patient records are up to date, share information with doctors and insurers when they need it and more.
  • Like other medical administrators who hold advanced degrees or certifications (such as Certified Records Manager [CRM] or Registered Health Information Administrator [RHIA]), work-at-home HIMs often wear many hats.

Average Wage Of A HIM Professional

According to research by O*Net Online, salary information for health information managers varied between an average hourly rate of $22.35 and an average annual rate of $51,940 as of May 2014. The lowest paid 10 percent reported salaries between $30,820 and $45,870 annually. The highest paid 10 percent earned salaries from around $53,790 to over $91,460 annually.

Health information management salaries depend heavily on geographic location and specialization. For example, health information manager salaries in California are higher than those in the Midwest. Entry level HIM professionals with one year or less experience can expect to earn a starting salary that ranges from $33,000 -$48,000 per year.

Health information manager salaries are dependent on the following factors: employment type (freelance/non-freelance), industry (public/private), education and training level (graduate degree), state of employment (California vs Illinois)

Highest Paying Cities For A HIM Professional

In terms of health information technology salary, there is tremendous variance depending on where you live. According to Glassdoor, here are 2017's 10 highest paying metropolitan areas for a HIM professional (in order): Manhattan, NY; Washington DC; San Francisco, CA; San Jose, CA; Boston, MA; Newark, NJ: Baltimore; Cleveland OH: Seattle and Arlington VA.

Of course actual salary amounts vary by experience level and years in practice and can be impacted by other factors like work schedules and an individual HIM manager's negotiation skills. But it's clear from these numbers that health information technology professionals do pretty well for themselves when it comes to wages—the average HIM salary for these 10 cities is $93k per year. At least one city will have opportunities in your field! 

I personally make about $45-$50k but I was recently promoted so my pay is higher than average. Most jobs I've worked pay anywhere between $35-$50 hourly or $45-$55 monthly.

So if someone were working full time at those hourly wage rates their health information technology salary would be about between roughly $29,000 - 35,000 annually . Those looking for healthcare management jobs typically want to make more money but obviously we're not running hospitals either--most are non-profit organizations hoping that our hard work brings them more money to help save people in need around us! __________________________________________________________ ~Thanks again;-) F

HIM Job Outlook 2022

You can also expect that there will be many work from home jobs for HIM workers, such as medical transcriptionists, through employment companies. With these opportunities you would still get to do your work from home but not receive healthcare benefits or other perks that are typically given to full time employees.

The average salary for someone working in HIM is $59,000 per year with plenty of room for growth. The manager of information systems has an annual salary of about $95,000 and the health information technology (HIT) professional has an annual income averaging about $79,500.

Most work from home jobs for either field require at least an associate degree. If you have that, you could make around $37k a year on average. For managers of information systems, this pay goes up by nearly 40% to over $50k on average.

If you want more than just healthcare management positions for HIM professionals then getting a bachelor's degree is recommended which would increase your chances significantly since this type of position tends to require an advanced degree.


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