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Bitcoin Bull Run to Extend Until 2025, Say Cryptocurrency Experts

 Say Cryptocurrency Experts

Bitcoin Bull Run to Extend Until 2025, Say Cryptocurrency Experts

Bitcoin Bull Run to Extend Until 2025, Say Cryptocurrency Experts:

How will crypto fare in the future? If it’s anything like the last bull run, we can expect to see some very big profits. The last major bull run (beginning in 2013) saw Bitcoin price go from $10 to over $1,000 in 2017, and experts are saying that the next run could take cryptocurrency even higher, with predictions ranging from $40,000 all the way up to $1 million per Bitcoin! Here’s what top crypto experts are saying about their crypto future in the years ahead, and how you can make sure you get yours...

What is a Crypto Winter?

  • A crypto winter is when cryptocurrency prices experience a decline for multiple months on end. Bitcoin hasn’t experienced a crypto winter since 2014 when its price dropped from $983.69 in January to $177.50 in December of that year.
  • The world’s most famous cryptocurrency has seen many ups and downs since then (with some of those downs actually resulting in additional ups) but it has never suffered another crypto winter.
  • That means we are long overdue for another one – and according to experts, that time is now upon us.

What are the Reasons Behind The Crypto Winter?

Besides Bitcoin price decline other cryptocurrencies also saw a decline in their prices.The reasons behind crypto winter are volatility and investors shying away from investing in volatile assets like cryptocurrencies.Volatility makes it difficult for people to enter into long-term contracts like business deals that require they pay a fixed amount at some point in future. 

This is one of major reason behind bitcoin getting banned by many governments as it cannot be used for business purposes. To overcome these challenges experts came up with an idea of Safemoon Crypto currency which is a stable coin which will remain same throughout its lifetime and can be used for any kind of commercial or personal purpose. 

However, implementing such an idea needs solid understanding of blockchain technology and crypto world specifically so that no loopholes are left which can prove disastrous in future. CryptoCxc team has years of experience in crypto world and have come up with safe moon Crypto which is designed keeping all possible threats in mind.

 CryptoCxc team has been working hard on developing various features like cross chain transactions, cold storage wallet etc. These features ensure that there is complete safety of funds stored on safemoon Crypto platform. In addition to all these features Cxc team has planned to launch safecoin which will act as staking token for safemoon Crypto network .

 With all these features coming soon there will be another bull run soon and next bull run will continue till 2025 according to crypto experts .

Why All Eyes are Now on The Spring?

The bitcoin winter has taken its toll, causing many crypto enthusiasts and investors to shake their heads in dismay. However, there’s no need for pessimism or negativity as those who take a closer look can see that we’re currently sitting on a gold mine.

 The long awaited crypto spring is around the corner! It’s true that crypto markets have been struggling over recent months but it doesn’t mean that crypto is dead or dying. It simply means that crypto markets are consolidating and moving into a crypto winter, which precedes every bull run. 

As history shows us, every crypto winter ends with a bull run – sometimes sooner, sometimes later. This time won't be any different! As soon as BTC breaks out of $3200-$3500 resistance zone (and it will), Bitcoin prices will surge higher than ever before – until they hit $100k+ by 2025 (as per Tom Lee).

What Will Come Next In The Crypto Market?

  1. The cryptocurrency market is finally starting to stabilize.
  2.  But what will happen next?
  3.  Some experts say they expect bitcoin prices to go up while others think that a whole new crypto bubble is just around the corner.
  4.  What do you think will happen next in crypto?
  5.  Will we see another crypto bull run or are things heading toward a full-on crash? Let us know your thoughts below! (Hint: Don’t forget to use keywords like bull run and crypto crash!)

Cryptocurrency for Game

Although most people associate cryptocurrencies with online payment, some are turning their attention to using cryptocurrencies in gaming.

 Online gaming industry is continuously growing. Gambling and wagering represent a massive industry whose growth is increasing annually by 30% of yearly value due to global demand.

 Because game developers use crypto currencies on all virtual goods exchanges nowadays, cryptocurrency users don’t need any conversion services anymore. The developers can get rich with every transaction without being cut by gaming operators like Facebook or Steam.

 Although many governments are not friendly towards cryptocurrency, some are already looking into cryptocurrencies for games such as China and South Korea although in regulated manners for gambling industry based regulations.

 Japan recently legalized cryptocurrency for both trading and payments in order to bring innovation back into their market. This might also open doors for other countries who are looking at cryptocurrency for gaming but don’t want to create a full-fledged crypto nation state yet, even though they will be forced to do so eventually because of ongoing economic crises.

The future of crypto

Today’s cryptocurrencies are not efficient enough for real use cases.

Today's digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum may be showing that they have a lot of value and usefulness in their present state, but even their founders concede that blockchain technology needs to be upgraded. It will soon be outdated.

There needs to be an improvement on how digital currencies work so they can maintain a competitive edge in terms of market share. What's more, these changes need to happen in order for cryptocurrencies to get accepted by society at large.

The good news is that there's a team of cryptographers out there who believe they know what needs fixing: They're called safemoon crypto. As you might have guessed from its name, safemoon crypto has developed a new crypto platform based on Bitcoin which they say solves all of today's problems with cryptocurrency and makes them ready for mainstream adoption.

Crypto CXC (Crypto Exchange Coin) has been designed as a next-generation digital currency which aims to provide users with improved privacy features compared to other leading coins. Crypto CXC utilizes ring signatures and stealth addresses along with advanced encryption techniques which make it impossible for anyone else besides you and your intended recipient(s) to view your transaction history or see your balance/wallet information.


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